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Pretty Dirty #6 Favorite

These girls like it nasty, and they can't wait to get down and dirty!  Read More

  (10 customer ratings)
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These girls like it nasty, and they can't wait to get down and dirty! Join Brooklyn Chase, Romi Rain, Adriana Chechik, and Cali Carter as they take a wild ride on a juicy fat cock! It's about to get blazing hot in here, because there's 2 hours of filthy fucking coming right at you!

DVD Features:
  • Shot in HD
  • Two Bonus Scenes w/ Ashton Pierce & Jasmine Rain
  • Behind the Scenes
  • Photo Gallery
  • Chapter Index
  • Trailers
  • Playable Worldwide


Runtime (Stream, Download): 124 minutes

Customer Reviews

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Rating Scene 4 and overall impression June 8, 2013

Reviewer: CBJustCB

Well there's not a lot to say about the final scene on this disc (not counting the bonus scenes which are apparently both lifted from other DVDs from the same studio so I won't bother with those).

Definitely the least sexy scene, for me. The stars are the oddest mismatch of the couplings in this compilation; she just about comes up to his chest, when they stand face to face. He is probably the most handsome of the four actors, in the conventional sense; she the least attractive girl (although she is by no means ugly - not even plain - but she just doesn't measure up the other three) and also has rather too much ink on her. Well so does he, for that matter, but it's a little less off-putting on a man.

Nothing wrong with either body, either. Another very pretty pussy and rather smaller natural boobs, which I by far prefer; and another quite nice 9" pole to go with that rugged physique. He does have a somewhat unattractive dewlap between cock & scrotum until he is properly aroused, but fortunately we don't get too see too much of that. But they both seem a little less - well, enthusiastic - about the whole thing. Not for want of trying, though.

OK so after an initial warm-up (shot against the light of a picture window, so almost all of the first six or seven minutes is seen almost entirely in silhouette) they get down to some doggy and then switch up a bit and, well, OK... not enough chemistry. The sex, when we see it, is a solid 3/5 but the director is spending more time concentrating on watching Cali's face bounce around than on the actual action so not much to masturbate to, sad to say. I need to see more hot screwing for longer to get aroused enough to get off; there's just too much cutting away from the action in this scene. Total length 35 and a half minutes, the longest.

OK, overall the DVD is still a 4/5 because of that hot hot hot first scene, the equally acceptable second one, and not bad third; together with the bonus scenes and extras it adds up to a worthwhile addition to any collection. Hell, the DVD front cover is really nice, I keep looking at it - must be the bi part of me.

No anal (thank god) and no condoms (thank god!).

Rating Scene 3: Brooklyn June 8, 2013

Reviewer: CBJustCB

Another very enthusiastic girl, Brooklyn is also (well, we've come to expect it now) very pretty. A bit of Sandra Bullock going on, in a way. Again with the huge silicone-enhanced funbags, though, and I think she should go ask for her money back - these are looking a little the worse for wear. I know there are (lots of) men out there who like big tits but... seriously?

Anyway, those of us who aren't turned on in a big way by stretchy udders can look past that and just enjoy the sex, which is once again very boisterous and a lot of fun to watch. Brooklyn has a lovely body and beautiful pussy, only one small tattoo that isn't at all disturbing, and really looks as if she's enjoying every moment of it.

Again it starts out with some slow teasing - in this case a little self-play, with Brook alone on the bed while Boyf is apparently preparing to take a trip (or just coming home from one - who cares!). He stops by the bedroom and then it gets...interesting.

Not a bad looking guy, sort of Italian looking perhaps and clean-shaven for a change. Another very long schlong (bit of a pattern developing here, methinks) and without being ugly or deformed it is certainly the strangest-looking penis I have seen, in the movies or anywhere. He has a very dark skinned scrotum and cock - up to his circumcision scar, where he abruptly becomes milky white (and since he is so big, the pale part is easily as long as some cocks I have seen. That's probably the hardest part to get used to). Also he has the palest cock-head... well at least it's a tidy line, that light-dark transition, and doesn't look like a pencil that has been sharpened with a penknife.

Oh, and probably also because he is so big, when 100% erect he is not 100% hard. Not a handicap, apparently, in this case, because you never see him bend or pop out because of this - just when she slaps herself with his boner you can see it is more a Mister Floppy than a Mr Wobbly.

Never mind. It works well enough, as I have said, and the usual good lighting and clever camera angles mean you get to see some excellent use of the thing.

I don't see much point in taking roll call of the various positions of this 27-plus minute scene; there's a few, following the initial BJ and there's plenty to get anyone excited, with enough time spent on each, and on each camera viewpoint, to get some good stroke action of your own going. One position that bears mentioning is the rather odd and quite strenuous looking arrangement where he picks her up in his arms and sort of cradles her like a baby while taking her sideways / RCG and pumping up into her - quite hot, but they don't keep it up for long before switching. I imagine it must have been quite tiring...

Probably the best parts are the next two positions: CG where they have managed to position for a really good camera view - balls deep and he is so aroused that he appears not to have a scrotum at all, just lumps on either side of the base of that l-o-o-o-n-g member. Very nice, and very hot. As is the straight RCG (but held high by him, I think he likes to take *all* her weight) that they change to after that. But really the whole scene is good, it is always gratifying to see participants who are genuinely into what they are doing and not just going through the motions. Anyway, an energetic screw without being as rough as the previous two.

Side question: how do those girls take such long cocks? I mean, a 7-inch guy is bumping into my cervix when he gets balls-deep, a 9- or 10-incher like this one must be *entering* her womb. Gosh, I don't know if I'd like to be that full.

Four out of five, I'd have given it 4.5 if the final minute hadn't been a bit of a let-down: while he is hammering himself down the final straightaway, all we see is her boobs jiggling about, then he moves up to splooge on them and you still don't get to see anything more than his hand and cock-head and a bit of a disappointing dribble of cum. Just when we have gotten used to seeing some good, detailed, erotic insertion action, the end is practically soft porn.

Rating OK, I get it now. Scene two June 7, 2013

Reviewer: CBJustCB

This is the first disk in the "Pretty. Dirty" series that I have seen and I didn't spot the bottom line on the marketing - I'm more of a "put the disk in and let it sell itself" kind of person. I must admit the beautiful girl on the front cover did get my attention at first - but after that it was all about the material, not the promo.

So, what they mean is, the girls are pretty and the sex is dirty. Meaning rough. So, not so "couples friendly" then.

Well, that's OK for me, as long as this is as rough as it gets. Nothing wrong with some boisterous sex now and then but I'm not going to make a habit of it.

Scene two (Romi, lovely raven-haired girl but Oh My Word why all the ink? Her back is coloured in like a kid's crayon activity book, and there is more of the same on one leg. That, plus the ginormous silicone tits is almost enough to put me off. Almost) is 33 minutes long and also starts off slow and langorous but after a bit of deceptively slow DATY she gets to work on his (fucking enormous) cock.

A different guy, by the way, I was wrong about the male stars of this vid - told you I don't read the whole box.
Unlike many men of this size, our hero is able to get and keep a decent hard-on and not just a semi, so that's a big plus. And he's not bad looking, more muscular and cleaner looking than Mr Scene One. Also his junk is top drawer too, fine looking tools he has there.

Well as you can imagine in a scene this long they manage to get into all the camera-friendly positions - suffice it to say the filming is just as good, the RCG probably giving some of the most arousing footage. I love seeing firmly tight balls and a solid, clean cock buried balls deep in a nice clean cunny, and this pair does not disappoint here.

The director maybe gets a bit too carried away with the fancy camera work. This is a porn movie, after all - the idea is to see copulating genitals, not just a cock disappearing behind some part of a girl's leg.

But I'm probably getting too picky. There is plenty footage of the sex, and the editing is well done. No, strike that - the editing is very good, with no noticeable continuity jumps (with a production of this nature and budget, there's a good chance it was shot with two cameras and it looks like it to me).

Romi looks like she really enjoys herself here, a major redeeming factor set against those artificial enhancements. Lots of screaming and laughing and if she's faking it she's the world's best porn actress. Again, the blotchy flushed skin that tells me yes, she really is aroused (why do so many studios cover that with makeup? I think it's hot).

Another 4 stars. Buy it, you'll like it!

Rating Hot first scene. Very hot. June 6, 2013

Reviewer: CBJustCB

The first scene on this movie involves Adriana Chechik, the girl on the front cover of the DVD box, and doesn't disappoint. I haven't yet had time enough to watch the whole movie (eh-hem) but, based on this first scene alone (about 25 and a half minutes) I'd rate this entire porno as a strong buy. Yes, really.

It starts with Adriana, wearing nothing but the torn-off top in the cover pic, a very nice pair of lacy "boy short" panties and leg-warmers, giving the guy (we gather Mr Pete is the lucky one who gets to screw all the girls in the flick) a back rub on a couch. But of course we all know what's next, and so does he - he turns over, she straddles him, and starts to tease.

Before long he is taking control, has those panties off, and is doing some serious "dining at the Y" (doggy position) and rimming her. Doesn't last long and from then on it's all about him. I'm not a fan of the forced deep throat so the next few minutes turned me off a bit - she looks seriously unhappy here, stomach heaving and eyes watering, and she produces gallons of saliva. But I suppose that's the point, and the only real plus for me, apart from seeing a fairly decent cock here - not a bad build, Mr Pete, but he has that "bad boy" look about him that makes him not really my kinda guy.

Never mind. Adriana is my kinda girl, and as the title says: pretty. Very very attractive girl, lovely body, *beautiful* pussy and nice firm natural tits. I do hope she avoids the temptation to go get them inflated to the triple-Ds that so many pornstars feel the need for, once they have been couple of years in the industry.

He pounds into her in a few positions, doggy at first (with his foot, rather bizarrely, on her face. But he gets over that particular power trip). Some very nice camera work, good variations between close and medium shot, well positioned actors and well lit - nothing is left to the imagination.

They move on to a sort-of spoon position, then real spoon, there's more BJ (more forced deep throat, eugh), and then a good RCG fuck before going to CG and back to (yawn) deep throat. A deep 2-finger g-spot finger-fucking gets her to her climax (which you can see quite clearly). Finally he goes to mish with her feet up by her head for his finish, and he finishes (of course) on her tits (I think he was going for the face but didn't quite have the power) followed by a bit more deep throat clean-up.

A very promising newcomer, Adriana. Very enthusiastic, despite the parts when she was in obvious discomfort she took it like a trouper and got at least one very nice orgasm. I like it when a girl has the face and chest flushes that very clearly give away her arousal, and even more so when in a girl as beautiful as she is. She does make rather a lot of noise (at one point the guy puts his hand over her mouth so it probably irritated him too!) but you can always turn the volume down low.

Her co-star, on the other hand, is a bit of a goon who looks like he could do with a shower and shave. I know there are girls who go for the dirty bad boy image - I'm not one of them.

Production values were all good. Innovative camera work (yeah! I know!) and good direction. No (or very little, anyway) amateurish groping or false starts - they seemed to know what they were doing, and moved fluidly from one position to another. I already talked about the lighting, which was excellent, but it deserves another mention. I give this scene a solid 4 stars, and look forward to seeing the rest.

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