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Mistress Emily's Pantyhose Punishment Favorite

Watch a wild 82 minute session as Mistress Emily dominates a giant muscle bound male.  Read More

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Watch a wild 82 minute session as Mistress Emily dominates a giant muscle bound male. She puts him in pantyhose while she sits on his face but not before some intense foot worship and ass cleaning. She models two pair of pantyhose in the film as She uses him for tongue service and takes out her aggression with the paddle and whip. She rides him like her personal pony after She ties his cock up and punishes it in his pantyhose while face sitting him. Her bitchy attitude and long perfect legs and feet make her one of our favorite pantyhose Domintrixes.

The big muscular slave is locked in the sitting stock. Mistress Emily surveys his predicament as she walks around him and teases him. She sits down and has the captive kiss and worship her perfect size 6.5 feet and then turns to back into him so he can clean her asshole out before she puts on her pantyhose. She sensuously slips the nylons on while he watches and then he is obliged to worship her nylon covered feet.

The bound slave has his face kicked and pedaled on by Mistress Emily’s nylon covered feet. He is in no position to do anything about it but take it as she stuffs her toes in his mouth and her foot swings back and forth slapping his face. She stands to kick him and her feet thud on his muscular back and thighs. Long foot worship duty and kicked by his Mistress as his reward is the theme. She gives him hand over mouth until he passes out at the end.

Mistress Emily tightly binds the big male’s hands behind him with pantyhose and lays back on the couch. She stretches one long leg up high and spreads, telling him to get his head in her pussy for tongue service. She tells him exactly how she wants him to lick and settles back to enjoy her tongue whore as he does his daily duty. She wraps her nylon covered feet around his head and steers him up and down as he licks her hard. A simple sexy scene with a gorgeous pantyhose clad Dominatrix getting her perfect pussy tended to by a bound male.

The big slut’s tongue is tiring but he finishes and She cums from his long service between her legs. Her perfect pussy gleams from her orgasm and a sadistic smile plays on her face as she orders him to his knees and grabs the spanker. She steps on the back of his neck and beats his ass standing and seated. She is really enjoying this after the orgasm and sits on his back to crack his ass some more. After beating his ass she lays down and pulls his face into her still wet pussy.

Mistress Emily moves the slave to his back and positions her ass over his face. With his hands bound behind and under him all he can do is watch as she starts to tease him. Her ass bobbles and Her pussy lips shake inches from his nose. He can smell her as she splits her vagina with her fingers, cracking her cunt open and filling his senses. She gyrates over his face for some time, her ass having a life of its own as it shakes and weaves. Then she finally sits up straight and drops down to smother him. Lot of good smother action then She turns for more pussy domination, finally allowing him to put on a pair of pantyhose as she rides his face.

Mistress Emily orders her slave into pantyhose. To ensure it is not easy she drops her pussy on his face as he struggles under her to put them on. She traps his cock deep down his leg and slaps his cock and balls, playing and teasing the stiffening cock under the nylon. After making him suffer she ties up his balls with pantyhose until they bulge obscenely and starts to torment him again, slapping and squeezing his nuts and covering them in the pantyhose.

The muscular slave has his pantyhose on and Mistress Emily on top of him. She rides him and grinds her pantyhose covered ass into his chest as her feet beat a rhythm on his cock and balls. Her balls are tied and bulging as she covers them with soft and sharp flat footed kicks. She turns every so often to dominate his face with her feet and make him lick and suck the bottoms. She stands on a him a bit and then sits to put on her hottest black thigh high boots with the 8-inch heels as he lays beneath her.

The black 8” high heeled boots are used by Mistress Emily on his nipples as she sits above her pantyhose clad muscleman. She enjoys feeling him writhe in pain under her boot. She orders him to his knees and fastens a bit gag in his mouth then uses a pair of pantyhose for the reins and a red whip to spur him on and off she goes. She wanted to wear him down and she takes him for a ride. She whips him, spurs him and halfway round the third turn removes Her top, exposing her perfect breasts. Finally she orders him to his back in front of the couch and removes her boots. She throws the hot smelly boots over his face to cover it and massages his cock with her foot. Her sexy teasing proves too much and almost immediately he loses his load and soils his pantyhose. She stomps the rest out underfoot and admonishes him for not requesting the release.

Runtime (Stream, Download): 84 minutes

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