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Beat Those Balls Blue Favorite

Mistress Savannah teams with Mistress Missy to put the hurt on the bullet proof balls of slave Lance.  Read More

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Mistress Savannah teams with Mistress Missy to put the hurt on the bullet proof balls of slave Lance. He is treated to a pussy in his face most of the time his balls are getting the rough treatment. The big swollen orbs are drained dry in a messy climax as Mistress Savannah milks out every drop. Her partner does not spare the cane or the cock whip as this mother and daughter team gang up for total Femdom control.

Mistress Missy and Mistress Savannah begin work on softening up slave lance as he hangs from his heels, ass exposed and mouth held open by the metal dental dam. They both took target practice, spitting down into his gaping mouth hole. Then the real fun began as they took turns beating his ass. Mistress Missy raised welts with the cane as Mistress Savanah fucked a dildo strapped to his face to keep him distracted.

Mistress Missy took a second cane out of the box and finished Her striping job on his ass. Stroke after stroke delivered as Her partner fucked his face. She dismounted and began to whip him as Mistress Missy made him clean the cum soaked dildo with his tongue. Mistress Savannah, horny from whipping him moved over his face and orgasmed using the vibrating wand as Mistress Missy beat his ass even harder. Mistress Savannah came hard in his mouth and then both stood tall over him and chased the taste of cum down by making him lick the bottoms of their high heels clean. They then stood him for some ball kicking practice.

Standing spread legged, slave lance took kick after hard kick directly to the cock and balls. His big balls swelled in the leather holster and the Ladies laughed as their high heels thudded on his balls. Mistress Missy used a knee to the groin and then he had his face humbed by Amazon Savannah while his balls got kicked some more. One more ball kicking turn by Mistress Savannah made Her horny again and She put a long leg up on the stool and presented Her ass for worship as Mistress Missy abused his balls from behind. He was then whipped as he licked Mistress Savannah to orgasm from the front.

The whip in Mistress Missy’s hand cracked on slave lances back as his tongue busied itself in the pussy of Mistress Savannah and cleaned off Her the remains of the orgasm from Her cunt. Next he was tied to the bench and Mistress Savannah clamped his nipples while Mistress Missy tied and began to whip his balls. Mistress Savannah planted Her bare pussy on his face and ordered him to lick as She tugged his nipple clamps. His balls were beaten by Mistress Missy as Mistress Savannah rode his face and jerked his cock. A short time later he erupted with no permission and drenched himself with cum . Mistress Savannah kept jerking hard to ruin any sense of enjoyment as Her partner smacked his empty swollen balls until his muffled cries were heard under the pussy on his face.

Runtime (Stream, Download): 41 minutes



Steve Lake

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