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Silky Smooth Sadists Favorite

Mistress Monica teams with Mistress Kozmina (her first appearance) in a pain-filled humiliation of slave twitch.  Read More

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Mistress Monica teams with Mistress Kozmina (her first appearance) in a pain-filled humiliation of slave twitch. The Ladies have a great time together at his expense and spare no energy in kicking, trampling, face sitting and humiliating the handsome slave. He licks the bottom of their boots clean and Mistress Monica dominates him with bare feet before slipping into Pantyhose. Mistress Kozmina holds his pantyhose leash and makes him suck a big dildo as he gets a prostate massage. Then Mistress Monica fucks him up the ass with Her strap-on as Her partner amuses Herself at all angles. Finally, in the CBT chair, he is milked out into a dog bowl, but not before Mistress Kozmina applies the violet wand to his big black bound balls.

The Ladies stride in as their handsome black slave is led by the pantyhose leash around his neck by Mistress Kozmina. Both wear shiny black boots and Mistress Kozmina has on a sheer set of Pantyhose and Her nipples peek through the black string bra. Mistress Monica kicks and slaps slave twitch and both establish their dominance while enjoying each others company. They flatten him out on the floor on his back and test his resilience as each takes turns standing tall on his chest. Mistress Kozmina plants her ass in his face and holds his hands as Mistress Monica sits on his stomach and slaps his big balls as he tries to put on his pantyhose.

Smashed flat on his back with two Mistresses astride him he tried to twist away from Mistress Monica’s perfect manicured hand as it slapped his balls but Mistress Kozmina rode his face and held his arms. They stood and Mistress Monica gave him an upskirt shot to distract him as Mistress Kozmina's black boots kicked his balls. They moved to the couch and he cleaned the bottoms of their boots with his tongue. They teased his cock with their feet, rubbing it on the hard buckles of the black boots. Mistress Monica slipped off her fragrant, sweaty boot and made him huff the inside before allowing him to worship her bare feet.

Mistress Monica began to put on a pair of tan pantyhose as Mistress Kozmina removed Her boots and made him smell the insides and then both Ladies teased and tormented him with their nylon covered feet. His cock was rubbed and his mouth was filled as two pairs of long, strong, beautiful female legs filled his senses. His hard cock is tied in pantyhose and his big black balls bulge as they are squeezed and pulled. The stand and Mistress Monica spanks him while he kisses Mistress Kozmina's pantyhose covered ass. They switch places and Mistress Kozmina begins to whip him as his face is buried in Mistress Monica's ass.

Mistress Monica slips on some black rubber gloves and advances on slave twitch to begin loosening up his ass and giving him a prostate massage. Mistress Kozmina moves in front of him with a huge dildo and makes him start sucking cock as her partner inserts one, two, three fingers into his ass and starts to drill him out with her hand. Both holes are filled and they know his juices are stirred from the prostate manipulation. With his hole ready, Mistress Monica puts on her strap-on.

Mistress Monica moves behind slave twitch. His lips are still wrapped around the enormous dildo that Mistress Kozmina has down his throat as the strap-on enters him from the back. Mistress Monica drives it in deep and begins to fuck the black stud as her partner turns and tells him to kiss her pantyhose covered ass. He is treated to a long and intense strap-on session (one of the best ever filmed). Mistress Monica rolls her hips and really gets into fucking him as both ladies are very excited at his debasement. Mistress Kozmina moves behind her to lean in and help, their pantyhose form a three way sandwich of fabric as he is whipped and fucked. Now straddling his back Mistress Kozmina kisses her partner and rides the slave as he is ass fucked.

The slave is now locked by his cock and balls in the CBT chair. The ladies sit and use their nylon covered feet on his helpless cock. It stirs and grows as they stand. Mistress Kozmina moves to light up a cigarette as Mistress Monica teases his big cock with her dainty well manicured hand. The use their spit for lube and Mistress Monica’s little hand never stops tormenting him. His head is encased in black pantyhose and Mistress Kozmina amuses herself blowing smoke into his face. When her cigarette is out she busies Herself manually tormenting his nipples as her partner works on his stiff cock.

The bound stud's cock is terribly stiff and Mistress Monica's hand has him close to orgasm. Mistress Kozmina steps in and uses the violet wand to shock the cock and calm it down so he does not come too soon. She sits and uses her feet on his face and balls as Mistress Monica has him close to ejaculating. The silver dog bowl is in front of him and Mistress Kozmina picks it up as he starts to beg to orgasm. Mistress Monica give him the ok and he releases his balls into the dog dish as the Ladies look on approvingly. Mistress Monica continues to milk him and they smile at his discomfort. His suffering is their pleasure.

Runtime (Stream, Download): 63 minutes



Steve Lake

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