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The Deviant Favorite

Sweet Sinner introduces adult superstar Manuel Ferrara in this riveting tale of deception, greed and insatiable lust.  Read More

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Sweet Sinner
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Sweet Sinner introduces adult superstar Manuel Ferrara in this riveting tale of deception, greed and insatiable lust. Ann intriguing plot of divorce and sex.

DVD Features:
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Runtime (Stream, Download): 114 minutes

Customer Reviews

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Rating El Toro charges in October 21, 2013

Reviewer: Ursa Major

The Sweet Sinner label engages us around the mutually achieved orgasms of its heroes and heroines – and they work hard at them here. Nica Noelle has produced a winning formula, which is well-shot and usually makes the most of bringing the common place fantasy into a drawn–out bout of love-making. Here, untypically, the fantasy storyline is pretty exotic. That the actors feel something for each other is evident; that they parade their sexual prowess for our enjoyment is indeed arousing and here they do it through a tale worthy of a (bloodless) revenge tragedy.

Manuel Ferrara is playing games (don’t read on if you want to follow the moves for yourself) of a positively Machiavellian order. He is all Latin pouts, primps and jealousy, and he wants a painless way out of wedlock. Feckless Pete, his neighbour, owes him. A plot of deception and double-dealing is hatched. But it’s fair to say Manuel’s Kylie (3★), is happy to be taken in. Or take him in. Or just take him, anyway. She’s got a great mouth but the piercings and the tattoos, well, let’s just say I’m not a fan. The two of them go for it though, in a spirited first scene of making it as if for one last time (potent for him; poignant, unwittingly, for her). They throw each other around the bed as if there’s no tomorrow – for my money he’s just a bit slap-happy - but then I suppose we know he’s just cashing in his chips.

Elexis (5★) is feckless Pete’s very understanding and concerned wife, but her other half, in thrall to our Manuel, betrays her in the very next scene. Of course he does it for money. What he doesn’t know is that there’s a camera on him… well, more than one he thinks is on him… which allows Manuel to elaborate the next step of his plan, which is to get Elexis onto her back. And very good she looks when she’s there, too. She’s open to every advance from the toes up and he uses all his tools – things get very liquid very quickly. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and Elexis’ fierce energy goes into making it big time – extremely sticky and arousing. There’s a wicked touch too, of a sort, when she fellates Manuel to a background shot of feckless Pete’s happiest day, but the shot with the greatest distance is the one Manuel jisms up her back. To boot, he gets her to give him feckless Pete’s money and by now you’ll have worked out both whom the film’s title is describing and just how much it’s justified.

Finally, it will come as no surprise to learn that Kylie’s lawyer, Dana (5★), is in bed with our leather-breeched bullock and an out-of court settlement of her divorce is sealed for Kylie in the time-honoured way – she’s fucked over by her lawyer. The lingerie’s nice and comes off provocatively. There are rimming treats here all round and Dana can keen with the best of them. She takes his whole length (eventually) and her tit wobble is something special. The final reel gives us Dana wanking his cock into her anus, and you just know it’s not the only way he’ll be buggering her about.

All the women are able, with a bit of coaxing, to do justice to Manuel’s sheer length; he’s able to reciprocate with his trapeze-artist of a tongue. I’d have more time for him if he was a bit less prone to slapping the girls about, but in fairness, he takes trouble to ensure they come, for all his macho posing. Devious plot and hot sex – a great combo!

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