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A Man With A Maid - Tales Of Victorian Lust Favorite

A delightful tale of vengeance and lust - Victorian Style.  Read More

  (69 customer ratings)
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Sweet Sinner
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Gentleman Jack (Ben English) holds a secret grudge against young, blonde maid Alice (Nicole Ray) and is waiting the chance to take vengeance on the for her rejection of his advances. One rainy day he gets the opportunity- and ravishes the young virgin in an intense, emotion - filled scene that explodes off the screen. Intoxicated by their afternoon of lust, Jack and Alice set out to sexually liberate the repressed ladies around them. Their first "victim" is fellow maid Fanny (Stephanie Swift). Followed by pushy, wealthy matron Mrs. Blunt (Magdalene St. Michaels) and her passive daughter Molly (Elexis Monroe). Jack's Nephew (James Deen) gets in on the action in a sizzling three way (With Magdalene and Elexis). Vivid contract girl Nikki Jayne goes topless in a cameo role in this delightful tale of vengeance and lust- Victorian Style. Filmed in a landmark Victorian Mansion. With real period costumes and Elizabethan dialogue.

Runtime (Stream, Download): 129 minutes

Customer Reviews

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Rating Hot July 24, 2014

Reviewer: Gonads97

I was expecting more up skirt and full length dresses with corsets, costumes disappointing but the mother threesome at the end more than makes up for it. Good work!

Rating An iron finger in a velvet glove March 19, 2013

Reviewer: Ursa Major

Sweet Sinner has scored a beauty with this tale of “Victorian” lust. It must also tell you something when all the films I have reviewed so far average 6 customer ratings for their stars, while this one has captured 57 for its 4★ rating, more than twice the number of its nearest competitor – alright, perhaps I just pick donkeys of films – but there really is something special about this one, and for me it’s a 5★ all the way.

Ben plucks little Nicole with all the aplomb of an English country gentleman picking ripe fruit. Part of the arousal stems from the fact that each of the four major encounters sees the females being apparently taken against their will – at least initially. The forcing response to refusal that is followed by the succumbing of the women to their own passion and the seductive skill of the men (and one woman!) provides one of the great fantasy fulfillments on film I’ve seen. And this film hands it to you in several ways.

Nicole Ray gives us Alice, naïve and unwittingly afraid of a perfectly theatrical peal of thunder. Fleeing into the bedroom doesn’t seem quite the smartest move and we’re soon on the bed. The tussle with the Victorian underwear rapidly reveals a stunningly proportioned Alice, who obligingly allows his fingering in front of a deftly placed full-length mirror. The Sweet Sinner hallmark of enabling the girls to come early on plays to arousing affect and equally hardening is the way she helps him to bring it off. She herself comes beautifully and there are great shots of his tongue working on her clitoris. Alice has wonderful ivory smooth skin and loves flaunting it – she is a seducer’s dream.

Into which strolls Stephanie Swift as the unsuspecting maid, Fanny. Deflowering is the order of the day and there’s a lot of struggling with the layers of lace and silk, but finally we’re there and a by now naked Fanny slowly starts to respond to her mistress’s touch and tongue. Fanny defines for us the concept of an erect nipple – they look great on her small-breasted body and as Alice works on her clitoris we become aware of Fanny’s virginal, but “pert minx” status – it’s incredibly well done and gain, she comes stunningly – in fact they do together – a terrific lesbian clitoral rubbing fest and licking out. Having broken her in, Alice hands over to her lord and master. A gentle spanking precedes a finger fucking that first and last shows our Fanny who’s boss.

Or, at least, who thinks he’s boss. A cameo appearance from Nikki Jayne provides a short fantasy on what the socially inferior solicitor would like to do to the lady of the house. Her northern lass ladyship has a magnificent bosom of which we get nought but a peek and it’s a shame we don’t get to see the whole encounter through. However, the dramatic demands of the script lead us on to the finale.

Lady Betty (Magdalene St Michaels) and her daughter Molly (Elexis Munroe) take us into a threesome with James and while there are some “I can’t believe you’re doing that to my mother” moments, the threesome comes off well. One has got to say that someone less likely to be coerced than MStM would be hard to imagine, but she’s game and James has his work cut out servicing them both. But service them both he does and there’s some neat rimming with the younger Molly. As the temperature goes up, he brings MStM off in sweaty ecstasy and then does his duty by the magnificently moist Molly, whose gentle masturbation on the side is incredibly hot. She’s another, like Alice, who has honeyed, translucent skin and really knows what to do with her mouth.

All in all, a great erotic treat, whose only slightly jarring and faintly comic notes come in the effort to master an English aristocratic accent. It’s a fault easily forgiven though, given the quality of the trysts, and they plainly had fun with them.

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