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Little Asian Transsexuals #15 Favorite

The once clear distinction that existed between girl and boy has quickly faded in recent years.  Read More

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The once clear distinction that existed between girl and boy has quickly faded in recent years. No where is this phenomenon clearer than on the streets of Thailand; particularly Pattaya. The average person can no longer easily distinguish real girls from the illicit Ladyboys that roam the streets. To many foreigners surprise these beautiful creatures are very much like themselves, and in many cases tucking in much more than the average real man. Dimitri and Allan are two guys on the scene in Pattaya who rarely have a hard time distinguishing the "Third Sex" from normal boys and girls. Yet the two admit that this highly specialized skill is getting harder and harder as Thailand's Ladyboys become lovelier and even more ladylike everyday. Nat is an eighteen year old schoolgirl tranny with long hair, pretty face, nice smile and a huge dong for a Thai girl. Her anus is soft, warm and crying out for Allan to stick his cock inside. Her tits are chocolate brown and starting to puff up as she makes progress with her hormone routine. Allan jerks her large brown sausage before feeding her some white meat and then stuffing her black rimmed bunghole. She rides his cock with no coaching in RCG, her large compass pointing northbound the entire time. Her girl cock hardens to maximum density, as Allan continues to plug her tiny shoot. Her cock spews out a massive white load of potent Ladyboy venom before Allan pulls out and sprinkles some of his seed all over her hairless nutbag and freshly battered shit chute. Jess is the pretty Covergirl for this edition. She is small and likes to smile a lot. Her hair is dark and very long and her chest is flat with chocolate coated nipples. Her head is a little larger than many girls, yet it matches very nicely with the other swollen head she has dangling between her legs. Jesss cock is large with a natural curve to it topped off with a massive mushroom cap tip. Allan can not wait to cram her mouth and split her thick butt cheeks. He gets her from behind first and then puts her on top, working her over in a way that her weighted down dinger flops perfectly in either clockwise or counterclockwise direction. Allan jerks her meat as he fills her girlie hole and it is not long before she musters up a large and sticky one on her own leg. Allan finishes our Covergirl off by blasting across her fat-headed cock and mid-section. Gam is a hip young chick with bleached out hair, colored contacts, cool makeup and a juicy sack with a fat ding dong attached. Her cock quickly releases some pre-cum into her underwear which is a signal for Allan to come in. He yanks her meaty frank and massages her puffy natural nipples. She grabs his hard-on with her mouth and swallows most of his stiff ten-incher while man handling her own stiff pee-pee. Her ass is quickly able to swallow every last bit of Allans shaft and her cock continues to grow harder with each deep stroke. He nails her in several positions before she hard sprays a large load of girl-cum across her own leg and parts of the sofa too. Allan straddles her pretty face and lays one across her chin and mouth. Her young cock remains rock hard well after her sticky load is gone. Tina is a young Ladyboy from Thailand who looks a bit Japanese. She is tall and slanky and has a whiter skin tone than most Thai girls. Her chest is flat with two small budding black nipple tips. Her cock is short and skinny, crowned with a thick foreskin tip and a nice furry brow at its base. She claims to have never sucked cock before, but quickly learns as Allan invades her throat with his one-eyed trouser snake. Her ass is tight and her cock is hard, as Allan breaks in this youngsters inexperienced fuck hole. The swelling of her rod points it straight at the camera, as her tight ball bag stays firm in position. She moans and groans just like a real girl, while she dribbles some clear gook from deep inside the folds of her foreskin. Allan coughs one up on the side of her sack and inner thigh. There is a Bonus Scene of cute little Gam snacking on a traditional Thai favorite- Giant grasshoppers! Apparently she goes for the head first. Look like Lady- Taste Like Boy! These Girls put the COCK in Bangkok!

Runtime (Stream, Download): 82 minutes



Ed Hunter


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