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Rice Rockets Favorite

Fresh from the land of all things cool and fast, come 7 hard Japanese Studs who are Faster and more Furious than Speed Racer, smoother than Tokyo Drift, and harder than Carbon Fiber.  Read More

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Third World Media is very proud to present Rice Rockets! Fresh from the land of all things cool and fast, come 7 hard Japanese Studs who are Faster and more Furious than Speed Racer, smoother than Tokyo Drift, and harder than Carbon Fiber.

Jin Sawaki is a small and skinny Japanese cat with a baby face. He visits his local clinic for a consultation with Doctor Shiratori, who is quick to examine Jins sensitive nipples and stiff cock with his tongue. The diagnosis calls for drastic action by Doctor Shiratori. He strips Jin down, lays him out and feeds him his medicine through his rapidly expanding penis. He utilizes a giant Japanese vibrator to warm Jins body, before using nipple suction cups to puff Jins tiny nipples up. Jins nipples may be tiny but his cock is rather large for a smaller guy. Doctor Shiratori spreads Jins legs, observing the puckering action of his anus. The doctors finger is well qualified to explore Jins inner workings, as Jin strokes his rock hard shaft, caresses his puffed up nipples and erupts to a giant creamy climax. Jins ailments seem to be cleared up for now...

Yuto works the Shinjuku gay scene as a stripper. He has not been sleeping much lately and has made an appointment with his boyfriend Jins doctor; the infamous Doctor Shiratori. His exam starts with his stiff thermometer in Yutos mouth, followed by a close inspection of his scrawny frame with his tongue. Out come the suction cups, as Yutos flat chest and chubby cock expand in smooth harmony. Yuto may be skinny, but his cock is plump, with his balls sporting a silver ring locked at their base. Doctor Shiratori oils up his shaft and stuffs a pink dildo in his butt, throwing Yuto into super overdrive. He whacks his hard shifter around, as Doctor Shiratori cranks up the suction on his tits, preparing to offload a healthy amount of his stringy clear racing oil.

Jin and Yuto have been boyfriends for a long time. Their love and affection for each other is tireless. They kiss deeply and caress each other gently, before Yuto lays Jin out, spreads his wings and crams his fingers in his ass. Yuto feeds Jin some cock, pinning his flexible legs behind his head and stuffing his ass full of cock. Jin opens his mouth wide, awaiting Yutos load. Yuto, exhausted after a few long days of hard partying, manages to muster up a little dribble for his bitch Jin.

Daisaku is Rice Rockets cover Stud, with his slim stretched body and a long dangling dick. Daisaku, or Dai as his pals call him, works with Yuto and JIn in Shinjuku. Dai is very stylish, with cool hair and slick clothes, and he, like the other boys, frequents Doctor Shiratoris office from time to time. He receives the docs standard treatment, sucking face with his sensei and licking on his nuts too. With suction cups and big vibrator ready, Dais limp dick turns long, hard and solid, as Doctor Strangelove stretches his nipples and stuffs his ass with his Japanese patented, high-powered vibrator. Out comes a hi-tech massage tool to stimulate Dais dong. But poor Dai partied a little too hard last night and was not leaving any juices for the Doc today.

Susumu is a tough dude who wears chains and spiked gloves. He is hip to the gay scene and also frequents Tokyos top gay doc- Doctor Shiratori. Docs cock warms Susumus mouth, as his special lotion lubes his hairless chest. Doctor Shiratori nibbles on Susumus sack and swallows his shaft as part of the therapy. An oiled up finger or two provides the rectal examination Susumu has been needing. A new electric dildo the Doc has patented, is used to mix Susumus imsides up, as the doc strokes his rock hard cock and tosses off a healthy load on his flat abs. Susumu is only left to wonder why he did not get the suction cup treatment...

Outside of his clinic, Doctor Shiratori is better known as Seiji amongst his gay friends. He and Daisaku have become close outside of the office and are enjoying some time together at home. Seiji is as smooth outside the clinic as he is in, controlling the pace as he strips young Daisaku down. Seiji spends a lot of time in the gym when he is not working and is sporting a rock solid body, hard abs, and a pretty nice set of pecks too. His cock is stiff with a hard left hook, cramming it and his sculpted glutes into Dais face. They do some 69, before Seiji does an out of clinic only butthole to nutsack lick maneuver. He drops young Daisaku on all fours, penetrating his soft butthole and tossing him around like a rag doll. The doc works Dais anus over in several positions, finally pulling out, shoving it down Dais throat and spanking one out all over his face. Todays session is No charge, as Doctor Seiji watches cum dribbles from little Dais mouth....

Takashi is a young Japanese stud with a respectable sized shlong. Takashi knows Doctor Seiji, but prefers a different doctor instead for his private therapy. The treatments are very similar, as he lays on a table and gets oiled down. Takashis shaft quickly sprouts through his thick pubic forest, towering northward as his doc works over his shaft and balls. A strange massage tool is used to stimulate his knob, as Doctor Dolittle manages to work up a thick wad from Takashi to end todays session.

Susumu and Takashi meet up with Doctor Shiratori, or Seji, for an after hours love triangle. The boys deep kiss and caress as Doctor Seiji massages their sacks and oils up their asses. Susumu hops on Takashi in cowgirl and fucks his ass as Susumus cock swings from side to side and up and down. His groans of pleasure are stifled as Seiji plugs his oral orifice with his hard stick. The boys switch places as Takashi lays Susumu out, fucking his ass and playing with his hard cock and long pubic hair. Seiji spanks his twisted meat, considering the choo choo train on Takashis young and buttery buttox. The three stroke their sausages, all spilling and mixing their seed together on Susumus silky stomach.

"Kiss Overdrive" is a segment of this DVD, where these Japanese dudes get orally passionate with their partners during some hot and heavy, Japanese-style deep kissing scenes.

Bonus Scenes- shower scenes of each of the guys soaping, scrubbing and rubbing their stuff clean. Also, indepth interviews with the cast as they get their cocks sucked.

Runtime (Stream, Download): 104 minutes


Also Starring:

Doctor Shiratori  |  Jin Sawaki

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