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The Ultimate Series in Real Female Orgasms - Fetish Frances Favorite

Fetish Frances is a short-haired, mature woman who really, really enjoys light bondage  Read More

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Fetish Frances is a short-haired, mature woman who really, really enjoys light bondage, a bit of roughness and the occasional “forced orgasm” provided courtesy of her partner.

When we first meet Frances, she is lying on a bed wearing some sort of leather top full of buckles and belts and inserting a long glass toy in and out of her hairless pussy. Frances quickly works the upper buckles loose so that she can fondle and caress breasts. Once her breasts are accessible, she keeps the glass toy inserted as she reaches for a battery-powered clit stimulator. Frances goes with the oty toys for quite a while before removing the glass dildo and just working her clit with the little buzzy stimulator. She inserts the buzzy toy deep into her pussy, varying the speed and intensity from time-to-time. Frances also enjoys fingering her pussy the old-fashioned way and once she starts rubbing her clit and fingering herself, she cums. Although the camera doesn’t catch any pussy contractions (because it is more of a full-body focus), I am pretty sure it was a good one because her chest flushed red and her legs completely straightened.

The next scene starts to get a bit more adventurous. Frances legs are shackled and tied as she is lying completely naked on the bed except for a leather “dog collar” around her neck. Her partner is spinning and whipping her bare pussy with a little horse-ahir whip. After a bit, he actually pulls back on her clitorial hood and spins the whip directly over her clit – and she smiles! Then he whips from an upstroke direction too. Her cooch is turning bright red as he starts using a paddle on her bits. Ouch. After a bit with the paddle, her partner goes back to spinning the whipping thing over her pussy again before her starts electrocuting her clit with a little gadget. Ouch. Frances does not seem to mind this type of stimulation at all – she actually closes her eyes and enjoys it. Then, her partner goes back to the little whip as she pinches her nipples. Then, a quick change back to the electrocution toy, which seems to shock her the first time and then she likes it. After a bit more, he goes back to the horse-hair whip as Frances is tweaking both nipples. Then, we’re back to the electrocution toy – directly on her clit – and Frances is bucking, tummy totally taunt and nearly screaming. Then, she moves her hand down to her clitoris and starts to rub, rub, rub. Her face turns deep red, and her chest flushes as Frances holds her breath for a really long time and then has another apparent orgasm. This orgasm did not showcase any pulsating pussy contractions, either as her hand was moving too frantically.

Frances is seated on the sofa with her knees being held up from behind her by her partner. She lubes her pussy and starts to play with a rabbit style vibrator. Frances is totally naked, except for the “dog collar” around her neck. After giving it a go, the rabbit toy is abandoned in favour of a purple vibe. Fetish Frances pulls her knees further up and really seems to enjoy this toy as she quickly reaches a quick and nice orgasm complete with very ncie and very visible contractions. Her toes are pointed for the feet fans and her nipples are erect. But, Frances doesn’t stop with just one! She continues to enjoy the toy for another very nice, very visible orgasm. But, two orgasms still aren’t enough for Frances as she continues to really press and work the purple vibe on her clit for yet another very nice, toe-curling orgasm! And after just a moment’s rest, she is working that vibe very quickly and very firmly again up and down on her clitoris for yet another orgasm! That’s four in a row! Then, the camera moves in just a bit closer as Frances turns the toy off and manually massages her throbbing clitoris with her fingers.

Now lying on the sofa with her ankles in shackles and chains, Frances and her partner are lubricating an insertable toy complete with electro-stimulation. He starts the stimulation slowly as her also whips her pussy and gentalia with the little whip. I can’t help but notice how Frances is simultaneously playing with her nipple. As he whips her, her clitoris really does harden a bit and start to protrude – which is just about the time her attaches a clit pump or suction type of machine to Frances’ clitoris. This really gets her moaning, panting and thrashing on the sofa – and apparently orgasming. Although with all the toys and action in place, the contractions are virtually impossible to spot. One can really notice the suction sounds the little clit pump is making. But, after a bit, it is discarded for the little whip thingy again. They try the whip again, but that seems to hurt Frances this time, so she begins to rub her clitoris with just her fingers while the little electrocution thingy is still inserted in her vagina. She masturbates herself to another orgasm – again, it’s nearly impossible to see contractions because of the toys and the action, but her chest and face flush very red as her nipples go totally erect. All the motions and sounds seem to be very in sync, so I’m pretty sure she came, but I just can’t verify it with actual contractions. Frances slowly removes the big electro vibe and catches her breath on the sofa. The camera moves in for a close-up of her hairless pussy.

Runtime (Stream, Download): 43 minutes


Also Starring:

Fetish Frances

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