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The Ultimate Series In Real Female Orgasms - Tia Brodie Favorite

Tia is a buxom, mature brunette. Tia likes to play with her nipples and get them nice and perky.  Read More

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Tia is a buxom, mature brunette. Tia likes to play with her nipples and get them nice and perky. After she removes her skirt and tank top, she turns around and shakes her bottom for the camera. She pulls her black thong panties to the side and then decides to remove them completely, exposing her completely shaved (bald) and virtually lip-less pussy. Tia reaches for a black smoothie vibe and slowly starts to insert the toy in and out of her pussy. Faster and faster the toy moves in and out of her as her clitoral hood is pulled back far. After a bit, the toy is removed from her vagina and placed directly on her clitoris as Tia starts to moan and curl her toes. Tia just bobbles the vibrator very loosely over her clitoris until she lets out a big guttural moan and arches her back in orgasmic ecstasy. Sadly, contractions were very, very tough to spot, but I’m certain she really came – especially by her panting and sweating after. She pulls her mound back showing off her rather gooey pussy. Tia sits up and asks if that was okay.

Back on the bedroom wearing a black short skirt, knee-highs and a tank top, Tia bends over and “gives her big booty a smack” (kudos to Flo Rida) – a couple of them, actually. Then she takes off the black skirt, releases her breasts from beneath the tank top and licks her nipples. Now laying on her side, Tia plays with her thong panties. Then, she rolls onto her back, continuing to play with the panties and giving herself a camel toe. Tia has an interesting tudor rose tattoo on her right inner thigh – I bet that had to hurt. Now wearing nothing but her knee-high stockings, Tia rolls over onto all fours and jiggles her bottom before giving it a few more heavy-handed smacks (ouch!). Still doggie-style, she massages her clit, jiggles and shakes and fingers her pussy before rolling over and reaching for a buzzy vibe. Tia uses the vibe on her nipples first, licking and enjoying her large, enhanced bosom. Tia rolls back over onto all fours, using the toy in her pussy, as well as to stimulate her clit as she smacks, or spanks, her bottom repeatedly. With her bum high up in the air, Tia bobbles the toy over her clitoris until she lets out another deep moan and cums hard. Her contractions are tough to spot, but she enjoyed that favourite toy until her pussy gets swollen and wet. The cameraman notes her “little clitoris peeking out”. Tia says she needs some time to recover after that one.

Wearing a short, short white skirt and a sea-green tank top, Tia is in the bedroom lifting her skirt and rubbing her pussy through her panties. Tia likes to play with her nipples and tweak them into action. So, she does just that and then takes off the tank top. Her skirt is hiked up showing off her lacey panties, but she unbuttons the skirt and reaches for a red vibe, which Tia uses through her panties. After a bit, the panties just have to come off, too and then the vibe is inserted into her pussy. Tia keeps the vibe going and moving in and out of her pussy for quite some time and she likes to pull her knees up and back, but once she gets the vibe just sort of bobbling over her clitoris, I know she is getting close to cumming. Tia starts to gasp and pant just before she lets out a guttural moan as the white creamy juice is squeezed from her pussy. Again, her contractions are nearly invisible and very, very tough to spot. Tia turns off the toy and spreads her lips very wide, showing off all of that juice. She sits up and puts on her panties.

Tia is all dressed up, ready to go out for the evening. She is wearing a black garter and lifts up the skirt to show-off the black g-string panties she is wearing too. She takes the bodice of the dress down, revealing her breasts, but she leaves the high-heels on as she turns around and places her knees into the chair, showing her bottom. Tia turns back around into the chair and takes off the dress then reaches for her favourite purple vibe. Tia just pulls the panties to the side and places the vibe both in her pussy and on her clit, alternating. Tia places the toy directly on her clit and quickly works it on her clitoris, letting out a big grunting moan and cums again. Her outer pussy lips are very swollen and puffy and she licks all of her girl juices off the vibe, then spreads her pussy lips apart so we can see all of that glistening wetness.

Runtime (Stream, Download): 41 minutes

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