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The Ultimate Series In Real Female Orgasms - Roxanne Favorite

Really stunning Roxanne's four gorgeous pulsating orgasms and sweet countenance is guaranteed to bring a smile.  Read More

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Really stunning Roxanne's four gorgeous pulsating orgasms and sweet countenance is guaranteed to bring a smile. This was her first real orgasm shoot and she was quite nervous that she wouldn't be able to actually cum, but I thought she probably would and encouraged her to come and give it a go as I was hopeful one of the toys would do its job if all else failed – and the Magic Wand certainly lived up to its reputation.

This gorgeous Russian woman starts by getting undressed and you see her fantastic figure and natural breasts. As she rolls onto the bed she's so beautiful that nothing else seems to matter. First she tries the pocket rocket and her face shows that it's a very pleasurable sensation and she starts very gently rocking her hips in a totally natural fashion to heighten the eroticism. She very nearly cums but she's still a bit nervous so she switches to the little black massager for a while, clearly really enjoying it so she moves up a notch to try the wand. Now you can see her pussy getting nice and pink and hear her breathing accelerating and her soft groans getting a bit louder until her body can't resist anymore and she has a real intense, body-shaking orgasm with very strong visible contractions of her now incredibly swollen perfect pussy. She was so pleased to have cum that she bursts into laughter and punches the air with a happy "Yes!"

Next she tries out the chair and to a bit of gentle background music she seductively takes off her bra and panties and, now a firm wand convert, gets down to pleasuring herself. She holds her legs right up in the air as she pinches her clit between two fingers and holds it firmly against the wand's head to maximize her pleasure. This is not a fast orgasm but she loves every minute of the stimulating she's giving herself and then, when she cums, you see her true ecstasy and her post-orgasmic smile is just perfect. She even licks her lips in a lovely teasing way.

Next she takes off her pinky-plum bra and knickers and lolls happily on the bed and her genuine smile at eyeing the wand again shows she's going to enjoy herself thoroughly. In this scene she alternates between missionary and crouching positions and in the latter you can see how she presses her pussy hard onto the wand, her full lips spread so the full strength is transmitted to her lovely clitoris. After enjoying it for a long time you can tell she's about to cum because she becomes so still and then, kaboom, she cums, and after she is so visibly relaxed. She continues to hold the wand on her pussy, still enjoying it and you can see the build-up of her juice perched in the end of her vagina.

The last scene is in the chair again, and as before her happiness and enjoyment are shown all over her smiling face which holds one's attention even more than her strong contractions. After this "O" she says "it's impossible to touch it" in the most gorgeous Russian accent! But, who could be surprised, just enjoy her smile.

Runtime (Stream, Download): 66 minutes

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