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Teen Times Two #3 Favorite

You don't need a calculator to do the math, twice as much twat means the pussy is twice as nice, which means you'll be tugging one out twice as many times!  Read More

  (40 customer ratings)
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Zero Tolerance
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You don't need a calculator to do the math, twice as much twat means the pussy is twice as nice, which means you'll be tugging one out twice as many times! Stock up on lube and get ready for one of those days you spend all day jerking off. One's a lonely number, so we're giving you a double dosage of fresh young sluts who want to tag team your cock. It's not just one pair of perfectly round perkies popping out your eyeballs in every scene, it's four fleshy fun bags and four round ass cheeks to shake your cock at in each ball-bursting setup. Teen Times Two is good for you!

DVD Features:
  • Full Motion Chapter Menu
  • Spanish Language Track
  • Behind The Scenes
  • Photo Gallery
  • Cum Shot Recap
  • Auto Restart


Runtime (Stream, Download): 141 minutes

Customer Reviews

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Rating Do not pass up a chance to watch this movie December 23, 2009

Reviewer: mofo123

This is the movie that motivated me to start writing reviews. A slateful of hot, hot, young girls who are completey into each other and tend to use the eventual cock as a prop. Well-lit and appropriate makeup (for a porno, that is...)

Scene 1 -- Two girls, one guy
Scene begins with two bikini-clad brunettes playing in a white room full of bouncy balls (naturally). These girls are young, fit, shaved, and hot, each with smallish, but very nice, breasts. If you like your pornstars young (but not too young, of course), these are the girls for you. The balls (and the bikinis) are quickly discarded in favor of what appears to be a very pleasing dildo. As we move along, the man in black appears as a replacement for said dildo. Blow jobs ensue, followed by sex in all the requisite positions. The bouncy balls make a comeback. The scene ends with a spraying cum shot into touching tongues, followed by much PCSK.

Scene 2 -- Two girls, one guy
Scene starts with two young, thin, fit, blondes in short-lived bikinis. Very nice skin, great lighting, perfectly contrasted against all white bedding and decor. Things get started off very nicely with pussy licking while some unseen observer watches from a window through opened blinds. Pink is ubiquitous. These girls are very cute and both seem to be quite into the festivities. We soon discover that the unseen observer is a dude with a cock that winds up embedded in pinkness in very short order indeed. Each girl shows great interest in the fucking that the other girl is receiving. Scene ends with brief time spent on DBJ, followed by hand-started cumshot. No sharing (stingy whores). Somewhat anti-climactic climax...

Scene 3 -- Two girls, one guy
Things open with two blonde and brunette in front of wall of glass bricks. Each wearing tartan skirts, white cotton panties, knee socks, and scorching bodies. Lots of kissing, sucking and rubbing on pussies adorned with a whisper of hair and an abundance of juice. And don't forget the licking (cause they sure didn't). Eventually, a cock shows up, and the whores blow through it. Fucking, sucking. The lucky cumshot finds two open mouths and friendly tongues. Lots of PCSK. One to remember.

Scene 4 -- Two girls, one guy
Blonde and Brunette in pink-ish suits dancing around an indoor pool. Lots of kissing and groping. Another pair of drop-dead young things. No hair, no inhibitions, no regrets... A transluscent spiral striped dildo makes a quick appearance (and equally quick disappearance...) It looks like it might hurt, but it sounds like it doesn't. When the girls get tired of the natatorium, they somehow wind up in a room with a large-cocked dude "asleep" on a couch. We deftly seque to some shared cock-sucking. These girls are so fucking hot. And hot fucking. What is it about the combination of pink (lingerie, lips) and brown (skin)? Magical. The cumshot is a 69 shot with the cock in the top girl, the bottom girl's tongue all over the swollen fucked pussy. The throbbing cock emerges from a pink hairless pussy and fills up an open mouth. Nice amount of PCSK. This is the kind of scene that gives me hope...

Scene 5 -- Two girls, one guy
Two young blondes in (red and pink, respectively) skirt-and-top sets. Forced to make things happen on a ridiculously small ottoman, they give it their best. Great tits. Dude appears to satisfy the girls' collective oral fixations. Hand jobs, followed by blow jobs. Lots of good, but not terribly memorable, fucking follows. It's the pussy licking that follows that gets my pants a little happier. Other than that, not a great deal of interaction between the girls other than occasional mid-fucking kissing. I could use a little more. Cumshot improves things a bit with a quick transition from one pussy to another mouth, cum spurting out the edges. Nice cum sharing bit to wrap things with up with lots of wet tongue and lips in evidence.

scene 6 -- Two girls, one guy
Blonde and brunette in bikinis start things off with rubbing and kissing. These girls are just as cute and lithe as the previous. Great ass on the blonde. Dude appears fairly quickly. Nice solo cock-sucking, but I'm more appreciative of a team effort. Not a big fan of the foot action, either, but it doesn't last too long. And oh, my, do these pussies look good. When the fucking does start (on the blonde), the brunette has her tongue all over the participating pussy and dick. For my money, this is porn at its best -- one girlfriend taking really good care of another. Cock moving from pussy to mouth is a big player in the final moments of this scene. Cum shot hits two open mouths, followed by lots of kissing. A very happy ending indeed.

DBJ -- double blow job
SPLAF -- Simultaeous pussy licking and fucking
PCSK -- Post cum shot kissing

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