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Dykeland #5 Favorite

It's another hot and steamy lesbian love party. Horny black babes find comfort in the arms of other   Read More

  (2 customer ratings)
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It's another hot and steamy lesbian love party. Horny black babes find comfort in the arms of other women, especially when they're wielding foot long black dildos. Lots of strap on pussy prodding action with massive rubber toys so large they should be illegal!

Runtime (Stream, Download): 73 minutes


Also Starring:

Brown Suga  |  Cherry Woods

Customer Reviews

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Rating Nothing to see here, move on... February 25, 2007

Reviewer: Eroticon

Here is how to watch this movie: Watch the first two minutes to get a sense of the characters and the actors. They are well cast for their parts and highly diverse, which is a plus in my book. I have to admit that I bought this for the combo of Slutty Chastity, Graceful Cherry Woods and last, but not least, Cute little Brown Sugar.

Then fast track 15 minutes into the movie, past all the phoney strap on toying that never amounts to anything but moaning and bad camera angles, as an even sluttier black woman with saggy tits and wide hips and a platinum wig joins the party out of nowhere.

The interesting part of the movie begins as the equally eager and slender Cherry Woods starts riding that strap on. In the background Chastity is sitting on the face of Brown Sugar, and the movie offers a nice close up of that little tongue going beyond the brown in to the pink. They get into a bit of an awkward 69 position, the camera work and the editing is obscure again, but improves with the close ups of the 69. Brown Sugar's pussy is far tastier looking than Chastity's.

About 24 minutes into the movie we get a replay of Cherry Woods riding the strap-on in exactly the same position, and by now that is getting a bit old - even though the enthusiastic Cherry Woods looks like she enjoys just everything that happens to her. Fast track through a couple of minutes, and you get a nasty anal fingering scene, som tit fucking and a pink dildo sliding in and out of a wide open crack.

Then the candy is unwrapped, as Brown Sugar starts sucking on the huge tits that are thrown in her face. That is what I was looking for. Unfortunately the camera work and editing goes sloppy again. Brown Sugar gets licked, there is some saliva, Brown Sugar gets it with a double instrument.

About half way into the movie the action begins. The big mama is now strapping, and Brown Sugar has to go down on all four. It is good stuff, but the camera man only understands close-ups, so you never get the full flavour of the corrupted situation. Also it should be said that it is the duty of a camera man to keep an eye out for nasty shadows, particularly in blaxploitation movies of this kind - and I mean that term affectionately.

So, I could give the movie three stars, one because of Cherry Woods who is delicious, one because there are several 69-scenes and one for the the juxtaposition of petite Brown Sugar with a big nasty mama. Now, that is not what it got, because there is poor camera work, bad editing (one girl get on a dildo one moment, then jumps to a completely different position without any logical intermission, then suddenly is back riding), recycling of footage (a capital sin!) and frequent mess ups, such as completely irrelevant scenes.

For instance, Brown Sugar is the one who mouth off, even if her demeanor and the character of the scenes suggest she should be submissive. That ruins the tension. And what does it mean when two girls suck on each their dildo placed as prolongations of a third woman's tits? That's right, nothing to most people, myself included. Aside from the occasionally grotesque scenarios, the girls are not all that magnificent.

Generally speaking, one should be cautious about "orgy movies", because they tend to have a limited cast and a lack of variation that the movie makers try to compensate for by cutting eratically between scenes so you get nothing of everything that goes on. That is exactly the case with this move. It was a waste of money. The cover makes promises the content does not intend to keep. Thumbs down.

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