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The New Devil In Miss Jones Favorite

Twenty-five years later the devil gets her due!  Read More

  (73 customer ratings)
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BEST ACTRESS - FILM - Savanna Samson

Twenty-five years later the devil gets her due! Paul Thomas reimagines adult cinema's greatest masterpiece in a brand new DMJ that Adult Video News is heralding a milestone!

In it, Savanna (Miss Jones) is a virgin suicide who begs Jenna (The Devil) to grant her just a little more time on earth before her descent into hell. Jenna obliges, but only if Miss Jones totally and completely surrenders herself to the sins of the flesh! Also, there is a special appearance by the original Miss Jones, Georgina Spelvin, and special commentary by Jenna Jameson.

DVD Features:
  • Special 3-Disc Set
  • Includes Originali>Devil In Miss Jones
  • Outtakes / Deleted Scenes
  • Shot In Multi-Angles
  • Commentary From Jenna Jameson, Savanna Samson, Georgina Spelvin, and Paul Thomas
  • Languages: Spanish, French, German, Italian
  • Chapter Search
  • Playable Worldwide
  • DVD-ROM Compatible
  • Photo Gallery
  • Preview Trailers

Runtime (Stream, Download): 116 minutes

Customer Reviews

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Rating December 30, 2010

Reviewer: Customer Review

Why do they do this to us? This film started off great! It has an engaging plot. The stars look great. We are gently introduced to the first scene, which begins highly erotically with a blond girl having sex in a dirty garage with four men in front of a crowd of others. My girlfriend and me are really getting into watching this scene unfold when bang! One of the men cries out, �Choke on my dick�. That put us right off. I mean, this film is meant to be for couples. And women just don�t want to �choke on a dick�. Imagine your dentist saying that to you? Best if the men don�t speak at all really. It�s a shame for otherwise the film is very good, very much a step forward in the right direction. Well-filmed, interesting plot, well acted, well produced. The later scenes are good and it all builds to a rather naughty climax (I won�t spoil the plot). Good � would have been great if it were not for the male dialogue. Still really made for men only and not couples. My search continues for the perfect porn movie!!! I'd buy it again but for myself only. Also the DVD extras are very generous.

Rating December 30, 2010

Reviewer: Customer Review

The first thing you notice in Paul Thomas's inspired remake of the classic film is that it is dark. Whatever humour there is is kept to a minimum. Thomas directs with a symbolic intensity that never lets up and Savanna Samson as the titular Miss Jones is the reason why the film succeeds. She is magnificent in the lead role: a woman who has never let herself grow as a sexual creature, and when her day starts becoming more and more strange, the truth is eventually brought home to her by Jenna Jameson who symbolises the Devil. Savanna's journey of discovery is a heartbreaking one, but the last surprise is the biggest of the lot and it is this that consigns her to hell.

The technical expertise in making this is up to Hollywood standards and the sex scenes are all powerful as they convey Savanna's conflicting thoughts and emotions. They are also unflinchingly hard.

The New Devil in Miss Jones can only be called a triumph. It is a marvellous, serious adult film with a great central performance from Savanna and a classy devilish turn from Jenna Jameson. Bring on the awards, this film is gonna get them.

Rating December 30, 2010

Reviewer: Customer Review

No matter what anyone says Jenna Jameson is still the best porn star in the business, and if you need further proof then watch this movie.

Rating December 30, 2010

Reviewer: Customer Review

Wow what a film, porn legend Jenna Jameson is back to her absolute best in the fantastic remake of the classic movie. The sex is superb the women stunning, and as always it has Jenna, my all time favourite girl. This is a must for any porn collection.

Rating December 30, 2010

Reviewer: Customer Review

This is one adult movie you will find yourself watching over a second time just for the plot and not for the sex, because the story is very good. Also, you have to watch it at least two times for the movie to make sense. But even if the story makes no sense to you, you�ll appreciate the sex. The best sex scene is the last one. The scene is set in a dimly-lit Miss Jones� house. The sequence starts out as an orgy with a lot of BDSM (including a gimmick with hypodermic needles that made me queasy) and pares down to just Samson and her two boy-toys. I can�t really describe to you exactly what goes on (it�s hard to see in that light) but like I said, the entire sequence is hot. And I didn�t really understand the whole thing with the snakes; I think the concept might have been taken from the original Devil in Miss Jones. But what the hey? That part is hot too. The first sex scene is a gangbang where Vicky Vette gets done by four guys on top of a garbage dumpster while about a half dozen or so other naked guys watch with dicks in hand. The guys (those participating) basically have their way with her. This scene is just plain filthy in a very, very good way and is the kind of sex men dream about. Savanna Samson has a boy-girl scene, where she does anal, with Nick Manning in and out of a pool. She also has a lesbian scene with Jameson (I bet you saw that coming). Both scenes are solid and equally good. There are a couple of good dungeon sex scenes in the movie. There�s one in which Jenna Jameson takes a strap-on to Rachel Rotten (whose name seems fitting for this feature film). In the other scene, Angelica Sin (another appropriate moniker) and Roxanne Hall tie up Dick Smothers, Jr - the male lead in the movie - and make him watch as they go at each other. When it comes to the portrayal of the devil, Jameson isn�t a great actor, but she definitely looks the part. First of all, she�s always had that conceited, when-I-walk-into-the-room-all-eyes-are-on-me strut. Secondly, her eyes have that cunning/knowing look about them (which they�ve always had anyway), and she wears red (duh) a lot in the film. As for the portrayals of other major players in New Devil, I thought Georgina Spelvin - the original Ms. Jones, by the way - turned in an excellent performance. On the other hand, even though Sampson was nominated in the category of Best Actress in a Film for the upcoming AVN awards, I didn�t think her acting was that good. That is, up until the very end sequence (which I wouldn�t dare give away). But, to reiterate, the movie has very good sex and one of the best plots I�ve ever seen in a porno movie .

Professional Review:

6   Mars   (Return to Top)

I don't know what sins Paul Thomas is trying to atone for but he seems to be doing it through making porn with a "message." Or at least with an unhappy ending. He knows a talented porn performer when he sees one, has a good grasp of directorial style, but tends to forget that the naked action should make up a large percentage of a porn film. So we get a bad fucking-to-overly-convoluted-plot ratio. When the film does give us long-lasting scenes they are great to watch, but the short ones are more numerous and feel like wasted opportunities. Great cast, good intensity, but not enough lingering.... Read the Full Review!

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