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Maids In Dream #1 Favorite

Akio wakes up in bed. He's now the master of a house, where six girls serve as his maids.  Read More

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Akio wakes up in bed. He's now the master of a house, where six girls serve as his maids. He doesn't remember a thing about his past. When he reveals his amnesia, Suzuran, the head maid, tells him that he's here for a reason. She tells him that he'll be able to return to where he has come from only when he can overcome his personal issues. The maids are there to help him resolve this. However, since Akio has no memory, he has no idea what personal issues he needs to resolve. Meanwhile, he finds life at the house pleasant, and he proves to be a kind and amicable master himself. It's evident in everything he does. One afternoon, Nadeshiko, one of the maids, trips and spills the tea and cake on top of Akio. Tsubaki jumps in to help with her sword, although it proved useless. As Suzuran scolds and talks of a punishment, Akio intervenes and tells them not to worry. That night, however, a strange thing takes place. Akio's personality alters, and he transforms into a sexually charged and domineering master. He tells Nadeshiko and Tsubaki that they deserve to be punished for what they did. Surprisingly, both maids readily submit to Akio, allowing him to touch them sexually, which eventually escalates into group sex. After reaching his sexual climax, Akio wakes to realize it was all a dream - or was it? The next morning, the maids behave just as usual, and Akio feels sure it was a dream after all. However, he feels more compelled than ever to resolve his mysterious issues so that he can go back home. He has a gut feeling that he shouldn't stay here too long. After another restless night, Akio sleeps in. When Karin comes to wake him, she sees his penis erect, poking through his pants. At the breakfast table, Karin acts subdued and the other maids wonder what's the matter. Akio falls into a reverie and transforms once again into his altered ego, punishing Karin for embarrassing him. The punishment is for her to give him sexual pleasure. He wakes once again only to realize it was another dream, but somehow, the dream seems oddly real. He's exhausted, as if he actually did what he dreamt about. The next morning, Karin comes to wake him up again. But this time, she takes care not to upset Akio. Thinking Akio is still asleep, she talks to herself out loud about what happened the day before. Akio is shocked. What he thought was all dream actually took place. He realizes that he acted upon his hidden, animal desires. He also realizes that if he continues to stay here, he'll end up doing the same thing over and over again, even if his conscience objects. The episode ends as he desperately searches for an answer that will stop him from acting out his perverse fantasies.

Runtime: 27 minutes

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