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Heart of Darkness Favorite


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BEST ACTOR, FILM - Justin Sterling

BEST ACTOR, FILM - Randy Spears

Into each life some darkness must fall. Paul Thomas presents Heart of Darkness, a tale of sex and addiction. Johnny has a massive sexual appetite. He needs it, and a lot of it, and very badly. He doesn't care how nasty it gets, hookers, sex in alleys, sex with strangers, it's all in a days work. Johnny then meets Sylvie, who is just as sex depraved. Soon the police catch up with Johnny's sexual deviancy and his sex life comes to a climax! Will he be reformed, or will it be just another chapter in his sexual mischief?

Runtime (Stream, Download): 79 minutes

Customer Reviews

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Rating December 30, 2010

Reviewer: Customer Review

An adult film with a story this good is a rare thing indeed. Randy Spears produces a towering performance as the jaded nightclub owner whose addiction to sex will cause his downfall. Within the first few minutes of the film he has filthily fucked bargirl Sunrise Adams in the backroom of his club then he demands a blowjob off a brunette. His facial expressions say it all, he has the look of a man who cannot be truly satisfied but is willing to be as depraved as possible in his pursuit of satisfaction. After he cums in the brunettes mouth, he sets off the next morning cruising for prostitutes. He picks up 2 of them and wanks off while they pleasure each other with toys and strap-ons before one of them finishes him off with a blowjob. What makes all this worse is that Randy's hot wife Ava Vincent is pregnant with his child. Randy then heads off to his dominatrix that he see's each week. She offers him depraved sex while he talks to her about his problems. He babbles to her about needing to be responsible as he's about to become a dad, she tells him that he is too far gone in his sexual addictions. There's a brief moment when Randy visit's his dad in a home for the elderly, all his dad wants is a little money so that he can "get some pussy!" - like father like son. Randy meets a hooker who is as sex crazed as he is and things get steadily worse as he finds out her secret and then his wife finds out about his exploits. The ending is a surprise and I won't ruin it by mentioning it in this review but I will say that this is one of the finest adult feature films that I have had the pleasure of watching, it really is up there with the best of them and Randy Spears' performance is both brave and brilliant.

Rating December 30, 2010

Reviewer: Customer Review

Heart of Darkness is directed by Paul Thomas, and may very well be his best feature since the original Bad Wives. Randy Spears plays Johnny, the owner of a popular club whom we first meet making out with what we presume is his girlfriend Sunrise Adams. But we soon find out that Sunrise is merely an employee of the club, and Randy indulges in a vast amount of sexual activity with a large number of women. After Randy has made out with Sunrise, she gets mad at him because he doesn�t so much as thank her for the good time... This leads to a fight and Sunrise gets fired.

Randy heads home to his wife (Ava Vincent) while Sunrise heads home to her husband (Rafe). Ava has no clue as to whom Randy is fooling around with in his spare time, but Rafe does have some suspicion Sunrise may be fooling around with Randy � although he believes it is only Randy who is the aggressor in the relationship. While Randy continues his promiscuity � seeing dominatrix Dru and picking up hookers alongside the road, Ava finds out that she is pregnant and about to have Randy�s son �

Because Heart of Darkness was shot on film, it gets a good transfer to the digital format on this DVD. Sunrise Adams fans should be happy with the bonus material, as three of the five bonus scenes feature Sunrise in performances from other Vivid releases. Additional extras include a 7 minute behind the scenes featurette; trailers for other titles; a Sunrise Adams biography; two slide shows and multiple angles for select scenes within the film.

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