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Why are these scenes blurred out?

The screen shots are available only when our registered customers are logged in. If you currently have an account with us, then login. If you do not have an account and would like to create one, please register here.

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How is a scene defined?

Each scene is defined by a logical break in the movie. In some cases this will be based upon an activity, in some cases by the manufacturer's defined chapters, and in others by a combination of both.

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How am I charged for viewing a scene?

Scenes work in concert with our Pay Per Minute offering. As long as you have available minutes, you have complete access to all of our scenes. Click here to purchase or add to your Pay Per Minute balance.

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When does the scene stop?

Each scene has a 'Scene Details' page. In the upper left-hand corner of the screen is posted its run time. In most cases, your scene will automatically stop at the end of this run time. Some versions of Windows Media Player will allow the scene to continue to play past that point. In either case, you are charged only for your actual streaming time. For example, if you watch only one minute of a scene that is listed as twenty minutes long, you will only be charged for the one minute of streaming time.

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Why doesn't the scene start with the image I see?

Each image is selected to be representative of the content of the scene. Though it will appear within the scene, it is not necessarily the starting point.

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Why do some titles have scenes and others do not?

With thousands of titles in our ever growing inventory, it takes time to go through each and add in scenes. We have a team that is constantly working to add more.

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What makes a scene 'similar'?

Similar scenes have at least one common keyword, action, pop shot or star. The similar scene results are ranked on the page with the most similar scenes first.

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How long do scenes stay saved in 'My Saved Scenes'? How many scenes can I save?

There is currently no expiration date for your saved scenes. You can save up to 1,000 scenes.

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How do I find 'My Saved Scenes'?

Though there are several ways to get there, you can either select the 'My Saved Scenes' option from the drop down menu associated with 'My VOD Libraries' in the top-center of your screen or you can click here. The My Saved Scenes Tab is also present on all scene related pages.

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Why is the time index on the scene substrip different than the run time?

The time noted on the Scene Details image reflects the entire run time of the scene; no matter where it is located within the movie. The 'View from xx:xx' represents the starting point within the movie, not the scene, from which the scene substrip begins. These scene indexes represent the beginning point within the scene. No matter at which time index you begin, the termination point is at the end of the run time, not the following time index.

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What are the numbers along the top of the scene substrip? How are they different from the runtime on the top of the main scene image?

The time at the top of the main scene image indicates how long the scene is. Each time above the scene substrip images shows the position in the entire movie of that screenshot. If you begin playing from that point, you should see the same time position in your Windows Media Player. No matter what point you start playing the scene from, it will stop playing at the end of the scene, not at the next substrip image point.

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Why does the picture in my search result not match my search? (E.g. I searched for 'anal', but the picture shown does not show this act)

Each image is selected to be representative of the content. Each scene is reviewed to ensure the action noted happens within the scene. We suggest that you select the scene and view the scene sub-strip to expedite your search for the desired result.

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Can I watch scenes from the other Video on Demand options (Download+Mobile, WMPDownload, WMPStreams)?

At this time, the scenes option is only available with our Pay Per Minute offering.

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Can I save portions of scenes?

At this time, the entire scene must be saved in the "My Saved Scenes" library.

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Below are definitions from the 'advanced search' option.

Action - Describes a specific sexual act

Star Attribute - Describes specific attributes of star(s) in a movie (blonde, big butt, brunette)

Pop Shot - Usually at the finale of the scene and describes the ejaculate termination location in relation to the recipient. (e.g. creampie, hands, face)

Keyword - Describes fetishes, objects, places, and time

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